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Yuhuang Transmission Is A "Professional Reducer Manufacturer",
Hangzhou Yuhuang Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. 、Has Been Committed Tothe Reducer Industry Continues To
Provide High Cost-Effective Products To China And The Global Market. We Adhere To The Principle
Of "Customer Success, Continuous Change" For The Mission,
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Yuhuang Transmission is a high-quality supplier of general-purpose and special-purpose reducers. 

Yuhuang Transmission was founded in 2009, established a production base in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, inheriting the domestic cutting-edge technology, mainly producing general-purpose and special-purpose reducers. 

Now the company has 45,000 square meters of standardized workshop, more than 100 technical staff, more than 300 sets of production equipment, has a complete manufacturing chain, but also has strong technology and manufacturing background in the field of gear manufacturing. 

Equipped with Japan, Switzerland, the United States advanced production, testing equipment, set up R & D centers, testing centers, quality control centers, Seiko craftsmen, is our consistent pursuit of products. 

The company will continue to focus on the environmental protection lifting industry in the future, providing customers with more cost-effective transmission solutions and quality products.

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Since Its Establishment, Hangzhou Yuhuang Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. Has Been Committed To China's Reducer Industry,
Continue To Provide High Cost-Effective Products To China And The Global Market.
Mid-development in 2018
In 18 years, our company expanded the scale of the technology department, introduced a number of sen

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